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Todd Lab Herpetolgy and Wildlife Conservation

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Allie holding a Giant Gartersnake

About Allie

Allie graduated from California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo earning a BS in biology. During her undergraduate career, she assisted Dr. Francis Villablanca and his graduate students with trapping, data collection, and experimental captivity trials on the Lompoc Kangaroo Rats. Additionally, she designed her own experimental trial for her senior thesis, which examined the relationship between handling time and seed preference in Kangaroo Rats when presented with native grass seed and invasive Veldt grass seed.

Since 2010, Allie has worked with the USGS on California’s federally-threatened Giant Gartersnake. While working for USGS, Allie has been collecting data for long-term studies on the occupancy and abundance of Giant Gartersnakes in the Sacramento Valley. In recent years, the project has expanded to include radio-telemetry as well. Allie will continue to collaborate with USGS as she works on her own dissertation research where she hopes to investigate how Giant Gartersnakes use different man-made and natural features in their environment, and the relative demographic and fitness success of Giant Gartersnakes living in historic natural wetlands compared to habitat associated with rice agriculture.