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Todd Lab Herpetolgy and Wildlife Conservation

About Brian

Dr. Todd with a desert tortoise in the Mojave National Preserve

Brian's Google Scholar Citations Page and H-index

I am interested in understanding the factors that affect the distribution, abundance, and persistence of wildlife populations. My work primarily focuses on the ecology and conservation of reptiles and amphibians but my motivation is to shed light on the broader conservation questions that ultimately affect all forms of wildlife and the environments in which they live. Consequently, much of my research focuses on several fundamental factors that lead to the imperilment of species and populations.

I generally conduct research with the goal of answering questions about the ways in which wildlife respond to a world that is rapidly changing due to anthropogenic factors like habitat loss or degradation, climate change, and the introduction of invasive species or novel pathogens.

Examples of Recent Publications

Eskew EA, Todd BD. 2013. Parallels in amphibian and bat declines from pathogenic fungi. Emerging Infectious Diseases 19(3):379-385.

Willson JD, Hopkins WA, Bergeron CM, Todd BD. 2012. Making leaps in amphibian ecotoxicology: translating individual-level effects of contaminants to population viability. Ecological Applications 22(6): 1791-1802.

Todd BD, Scott DE, Pechmann JHK, Gibbons JW. 2011. Climate change correlates with rapid delays and advancements in reproductive timing in an amphibian community. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 278:2191-2197.

Todd BD, Luhring TM, Rothermel BB, Gibbons JW. 2009. Effects of forest removal on amphibian migrations: implications for habitat and landscape connectivity. Journal of Applied Ecology 46:554-561.

Todd BD, Andrews KM. 2008. Response of a reptile guild to forest harvesting. Conservation Biology 22(3):753-761.